Megillat Hashoah, The Shoah Scroll – English

Avigdor Shinan


Megillat Hashoah, The Shoah Scroll by Avigdor Shinan (English-Hebrew), translated by Jules Harlow, edited by David Golinkin and Philip Scheim, Second edition, Jerusalem 2004, 68 pp. (co-published by the Rabbinical Assembly)

This liturgical text, the first of its kind, is intended for public reading in synagogues, JCCs and schools. The Scroll is written in modern Hebrew with a mixture of biblical and rabbinic phrases. It contains six chapters in memory of the Six Million, which deal with the following topics: the uniqueness of the Shoah, the labor camp, the Ghetto, the death camp, an elegy for the Six Million and the survivors. The booklet also contains three introductions, poems, prayers and the Mourners’ Kaddish.


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