Insight Israel – The View from Schechter

David Golinkin


Insight Israel – The View from Schechter, Vol. 1, by David Golinkin

175 pp., Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 2003 (English)

First volume of two. These volumes include all of Rabbi Golinkin’s monthly e-columns from 2000-2003 and 2003-2006, including articles, responsa, sermons, eulogies and op-ed pieces. Rabbi Golinkin relates to current events in Israel, ethical dilemmas and the Jewish holidays from the point of view of Jewish law and custom. He writes about a wide range of topics, including: “Hannukah Exotica”, “Pesah Potpourri”, “The Jewish Attitude Towards Birthdays”, “Why do We Sit in the Sukkah”, “Prayers for the Government and the State of Israel”, “The Jewish Attitude Towards Non-Violent Protest”,  “The Redemption of Captives”, “A Midrash in Memory of Col. Ilan Ramon” and more.


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