Insight Israel – The View from Schechter, Second Series

David Golinkin


Insight Israel – The View from Schechter, Vol. 2, by David Golinkin,

Jerusalem 2006, 297 pp.

Second volume of two. These volumes include all of Rabbi Golinkin’s monthly e-columns from 2000-2003 and 2003-2006, including articles, responsa, sermons, eulogies and op-ed pieces. Rabbi Golinkin relates to current events in Israel, ethical dilemmas and the Jewish holidays from the point of view of Jewish law and custom. He writes about a wide range of topics, including: “Hannukah Exotica”, “Pesah Potpourri”, “The Jewish Attitude Towards Birthdays”, “Why do We Sit in the Sukkah”, “Prayers for the Government and the State of Israel”, “The Jewish Attitude Towards Non-Violent Protest”,  “The Redemption of Captives”, “A Midrash in Memory of Col. Ilan Ramon” and more.


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