Hakol Kol Yaakov: Responsa and Halakhic Essays


Hakol Kol Yaakov: Responsa and Halakhic Essays

by Joel Roth

edited by David Golinkin
xiv & 664 pages (in English)
ISBN 978-965-7105-89-4
The Institute of Applied Halakhah at the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies
and The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Jerusalem 2023
Price: 100 NIS
Rabbi Prof. Joel Roth has been one of the major poskim of the Conservative/Masorti movement for over fifty years.
This volume contains twenty-one responsa which he wrote for the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards from 1981-2006. They deal with topics such as Torah reading by a minor, Yom Tov Sheni for visitors to Israel, Hattafat Dam Brit, matrilineal descent, intermarriage, homosexuality, organ donations, and the ordination of women as rabbis. It also contains three articles reflecting Rabbi Roth’s approach to halakhah, selected by Rabbi Roth himself.


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