Aseh Lekha Rav: Responsa Vol. 2

David Golinkin


Aseh Lekha Rav: Responsa Vol. 2

by David Golinkin

 [11], 303 pages (in Hebrew)

ISBN 978-965-7105-87-0

The Institute of Applied Halakhah

at The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies

Jerusalem 2024

Price: 80 NIS

This volume, the second in a series, contains 21 responsa as well as three articles written by Rabbi Professor David Golinkin, which were published in his Aseh Lekha Rav column via the Schechter Institute Hebrew website during the years 2020-2023.

The responsa deal with a wide range of contemporary topics, including the Covid epidemic; liturgical questions such as secular and Church melodies in the synagogue, praying in bare feet, and changes in the Nahem prayer; the status of women in Jewish law, including the Bat Mitzvah ceremony, Negia, and mixed dancing; and matters related to Yoreh Deah, including food cooked by Gentiles, body piercing, and how to write God’s name in English. In addition, there are responsa related to the State of Israel, such as extraditing a Jewish criminal abroad and the “judicial revolution”, as well as two articles: “From the Shoah to the Rebirth of Israel” and “Israel at 75”.



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