Responsa of Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Abas

Shmuel Glick


Hamudot Mitzrayim, Book 2 :

Responsa of Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Abas (2 vols.)

by Shmuel Glick

Vol.1: 594 p.; Vol. 2: 462 p., hardcover, in Hebrew.

The Schocken Institute for Jewish Research – JTS, Jerusalem 2021

Vol. 1: ISBN: 978-965-456-072-6

Vol. 2: ISBN: 978-965-456-073-3

The Hamudot Mitzráyim series contains Egyptian sages’ responsa found in manuscripts that were lost for centuries, hidden in the Cairo genizah and in libraries’ collections the world over.

Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Abas’ responsa are being published for the first time in this two-volume scientific edition from manuscripts preserved in the Bodleian library in Oxford. The edition includes a supplement comparing the differences between the manuscripts, a broad scoped introduction about the author, his responsa, his other works, and other sages of his milieu.

The author, Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Abas, a student of R. Joseph Trani, full of wisdom and poetry, lived in 17th century Egypt. Some of his works still lay in library archives, and some are lost to us completely. This study of his responsa and correspondences with peers reveals the Jewish intellectual world of Saloniki, Constantinople, and Rosetta, and allows the reader to trace a unique Torah discourse.

Prof. Shmuel Glick is the head of the JTS-Schocken Institute for Jewish Research, a researcher and bibliographer of responsa literature, and the author of many books about the study of Jewish customs and the history of Jewish education.


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