Sifra or Torat Kohanim (facsimile ed.)

Louis Finkelstein (Introduction)


Sifra or Torat Kohanim according to Codex Assemani LXVI with a Hebrew Introduction by Louis Finkelstein.

The manuscript reproduced in this facsimile edition is Codex Assemani 66 of the Vatican Library. It covers almost the whole of the Sifra, and is the most ancient manuscript of a Rabbinic text (probably was written in the 9th or 10th cent. A.D.) which has been preserved in such nearly complete form.

The Sifra is the great Rabbinic commentary on Leviticus, composed orally in stages, beginning with the third century B.C.E. It was finally put into writing in the sixth century A.D.

77 pp. (Introduction); 471 pp. (facsimile), The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York 1956.

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