Aseh Lekha Rav: Responsa

David Golinkin


Aseh Lekha Rav: Responsa by David Golinkin

The Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 2019

יב + 420 pages, hard cover.

ISBN: 978-965-7105-83-2

This volume contains thirty responsa and six articles originally published on the internet, at first periodically and beginning in Adar 5775 as a regular column entitled Aseh Lekha Rav via

The responsa deal with a wide array of contemporary issues, including: the murder of Muhamed Abu Khdeir by Jewish terrorists, a proposed phosphate quarry near Arad, Biblical Criticism, singing by women, Megillah reading by women, and double ring ceremonies. In addition, the responsa deal with many customs, such as: kissing the tzitzit, spilling drops of wine at the Seder, dairy foods on Shavuot, the Kittel on the High Holidays, and flags on Simhat Torah. The articles deal with issues such as “the middle way” in Judaism, the Jewish attitude towards pluralism and tolerance, and Israel-Diaspora relations.


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