Sefer ha-Mordekhai to tractate Gittin

Mayer E. Rabinowitz


Sefer ha-Mordekhai to tractate Gittin by Mayer E. Rabinowitz.

547 pp., The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Jerusalem 1990.

Mordekhai Ben Hillel ha-Kohen, the noted 13-th century German rabbinic scholar, compiled a gigantic halakhic compendium, known as Sefer ha-Mordekhai, which consisted of elaborations and responsa on talmudic problems. His work exerted powerful influences on halakhic rulings both among Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry. The transmigrations of its many manuscript versions is one of the most complicated in all of rabbinic literature.

This present edition is the first serious attempt to study ha-Mordekhai in a critical, exact and comprehensive manner. It includes variant readings, discussion of variants that are of substantial, literary or historical importance, commentary on ha-Mordekhai, and parallel rabbinic references. Prof. Joel (Yaakov) Roth prepared the volume of Sefer ha-Mordekhai to tractate Kiddushin, Sefer ha-Mordekhai to tractate Gittin was compiled by Prof. Mayer E. Rabinowitz.


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