From Vienna to Jerusalem

Doron Bar and Anat Banin


From Vienna to Jerusalem: Herzl’s Final Journey

on the 70th Anniversary of his Reinterment in Jerusalem / Doron Bar and Anat Banin

Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies and World Zionist Organization, Jerusalem 2021

Hebrew-English edition, large format, hard cover.

Hebrew side – 45 pp., English side 37 pp., 66 photo-illustrations.

ISBN 978-965-7105-84-9

THEODOR (BINYAMIN ZE’EV) HERZL, visionary of the Jewish state, passed away in 1904 and was buried in Vienna. In his last will, he expressed a desire to be interred in the Land of Israel. However, it was decades before his wish became a reality; Herzl was laid to rest in Jerusalem in August 1949, over a year after the State of Israel was established and forty-five years after his death. The exhibition “From Vienna to Jerusalem: Herzl’s Final Journey” traced Herzl’s route from Vienna to Jerusalem, capital of the young State of Israel. This book, based on the exhibition of photographs created by the Central Zionist Archives and displayed at the Herzl Center on Mount Herzl, contains pictures that have been preserved in the Zionist Archives since 1949. The archive’s centenary – it was founded in 1919 in Berlin – is a fitting occasion for the first publication of these photos.


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