Midrash Bemidbar Rabbah, Part I

Hananel Mack


Midrash Bemidbar Rabbah

Part I: Parashat Bemidbar,

edited by Hananel Mack

341 & 242 pp., hardcover, in Hebrew

The Midrash Project of the Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 2023

ISBN 978-965-7105-85-6

Midrash Bemidbar Rabbah, Part I, includes midrash to the weekly portions of Bemidbar and Naso. It was apparently edited in Provence in the 12th century. it is written in a medieval Hebrew style, and includes much material from both Talmuds.

Parashat Bemidbar is being published here in a critical edition for the first time, based on manuscripts and the editio princeps, along with an extensive introduction, cross references, variant readings, commentary and indices.


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