Introduction to Halakhot Pesuqot

Neil Danzig


A revised and updated edition of the author’s acclaimed 1993 study of Halakhot Pesuqot, an early medieval legal code from the geonic period. That code, authored by students of R. Yehudai Gaon at the end of the eighth century, was one of the three great pillars of early geonic jurisprudence. (The other two are the She’iltot and Halakhot Gedolot). Danzig’s book sorts out the many issues related to Halakhot Pesuqot, including its authorship, sources, style, structure, date of composition and its use by, and impact on, later medieval authors. This study also deals with the relationship between the three major codes and includes a text of the unpublished sections of Halakhot Pesuqot reconstructed from leaves found in the Cairo Genizah.


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