Za’akat Dalot

M. Susskind-Goldberg and D. Villa


Za’akat Dalot: Halakhic Solutions for the Agunot of Our Time by Monique Susskind Goldberg and Diana Villa, edited by David Golinkin, Moshe Benovitz and Richard Lewis (Hebrew with English summaries), 16 + 426 + xxxii pp., Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, 2006

  The book is a systematic and in-depth review of all the Halakhic solutions which have been suggested during the last 100 years in order to solve the agunah (anchored women) dilemma. Each proposal is summarized and examined according to the Talmud, the Codes and the responsa literature. The first part of the book surveys solutions to prevent the problem such as: Prenuptial Agreements, Lieberman’s Clause in the Ketubah, Conditional Marriage and Concubinage. The second part studies solutions to free agunot after their husbands refuse to give a get: Coerced Divorce, a Mistaken Transaction and Annulment of the Betrothal.


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