Ginzei Schechter, V. II

Louis Ginzberg


Texts and Studies of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Volume VIII

Genizah Studies in Memory of Doctor Solomon Schechter, Vol. II: Geonic and Early Karaitic Halakah by Louis Ginzberg.

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York 1929, 640, XV pp.

The material in the book may be classified under three headings: 1. Responsa; 2. Codified Halakah, and 3. Commentaries on the Talmud. The most important division is the first, which contains in 23 fragments about 130 responsa. Of the fragments containing remainders of Halakic works in codified form, the most important is that of the Sefer Ha-Shetarot, Book of Writs, of great importance for the history of the writ of divorce. The second division of the book includes remainders of Rabbeinu Nissim’s Sefer Ha-Mafteah, The Kew to the Talmud, in its original Arabic with appended Hebrew translation, and other fragments.

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